• Kabam Hackathon – Kid’s Nightmare

    Kid’s Nightmare Update build – Android Kid’s Nightmare Hackathon build – Android Best with Google Cardboard and Headphones Unity 3D – A year ago I took part in an amazing Hackathon at kabam with a goal of learning VR.  The participants were mostly from the platform and had little Unity experience. Clive Henrick, who coordinated …

  • Star Wars: Uprising – Unity

    Star Wars Uprising – Sr. Technical Artist Created and Maintained Cinematic Animation Swapping system Refactored Animation and Equipment swapping system. Implemented Animation Event and Messaging system. Created Multi Language Title Craw System. Created Texture Loading and Edge Bleeding System for Texture Atlaser. Improved Material and Texture Pooling And Loading system. Optimized and Improved special effect …

  • Flagship – Unity

    Sr. Technical Artist Created asset pipeline and processing scripts. Created Shaders and Post FX Mobile render target water with distortion Vertex based wind Double sided shadows and lighting Custom height and distance fog Custom texture blending Created and Maintained Animation system. Ship, creature and environmentrigging and skinning

  • Battlestar Galactica Online